Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Hi there, the names display that you see on my mantle shelf are made by my friend Jean to celebrate my grandaughter Sophies engagement to Frank. Jean also did a lovely flower display that we had on the dining table, the party was Sunday before last and the family all got together and we had a great time.

Bye more soon  

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Hallo again, I thought it would be a good idea to tell about myself, My name is Vicky and I have been crafting for a long long time and love Glamour, Art Deco Bling, and everything in that theme.  Mostly I make cards and am trying hard to improve my stamping techniques, I have lots of stamps [I prefer clear stamps as I can see where to place them] but I have some mounted stamps as well. In the past my choice has been decoupage and parchment craft but I'm making myself do stamping as it also stretches your art as then colouring the images comes into it, something else I'm not too good at.

I belong to the Swanley Scissors Sisters club which meets up on alternate Tuesdays, our hostess with the mostest is Jean , a lovely lady and the other lovely ladies are Hilda, Jenny, Joan, Laurie, Sarah {sometimes] and not forgetting dear Trudy. We have some great times together and more so on Birthdays, very special.
The card I'm showing today was for my other friend Chris's Birthday in August and she loved it. Well thats all for now Bye
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Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Hello, welcome to my blog,

Yesterday we went to Jeans birthday celebration at our Swanley Scissor Sisters crafting club.
I tried my hand at some stamping and embossing, something I don't do a lot of, and I was very pleased with the result.
We had a great time, cards and presents galore and cant wait for the next birthday


Isn't she fab !!!

See you Soon

Vicky x